The Donny

Available at these authorized retailers and online: Thalia, Mitch's Solana Beach, Huntington Surf and Sport, Mollusk, Pride, Sunrise Surf Shop, Pilgrim.

The Donny wetsuit brings you back to the beach in style with all of the modern features and functionality. Donny is comprised of ultra super stretch neoprene throughout the suit to keep you loose and fast. 3mm makes up the chest and back and 2mm is used under the arm, neck, and legs. Donny took the liberty to add Finex to the chest and back for added warmth. Donny is offered in Ninja black for pure stealth missions. Captain Fin has gone to great lengths in offering a suit that is simplistic yet supremely futuristic. Do not fly to close to the sun, but if you do...bring Donny.

Key Features:

  • 3mm chest, back, torso, and legs.
  • 2mm stretch nylon under arms and neck.
  • Finex chest, back, and torso.
  • Fully taped, glued, double blind stitch seam construction.
  • Articulated cuffs at wrist and ankle.
  • Engineered knee pads.
  • Classic backzip entry.
  • Custom logo on chest and wrist.


Captain Fin wetsuits are constructed with high quality neoprene and durable seam construction. Our neoprene is selected for its light-weight and flexibility properties, we added Finex for warmth. The hollow fibers in Finex trap body heat and reduce water absorption, making for a lighter warmer suit. The fully taped glued and double blind stitch seam construction creates a durable and impermeable seam. Engineered kneepads, classic back zip entry and custom logos are stock features in Captain Fins premium wetsuits.

Warranty: Captain Fin strives to make higher standard goods, including our wetsuits. Remember, wetsuits require care if they are going to last and wear the way they were intended. Captain Fin is not responsible for wetsuits that are abused or show normal wear and tear over time. If you find there is a problem with the materials or seams due to manufacturer defects, contact us. Here at Captain Fin we repair all our wetsuits in-house.

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