What’s ironic about the season opener of Dylan Graves’ series, “Weird Waves,” is that the waves he surfs in Lake Superior really aren’t that weird at all. They’re powered by wind energy, they barrel and even offer up the occasional ramp similar to what a surfer might find in the nearest ocean, a mere 1,200 miles away. Yeah, the water might be fresh and a frigid 30 degrees with chunks of ice bobbing in the lineup but Great Lakes frother Burton Hathaway has the right approach: “You gotta do a big ‘ole cutback around’em.”

Hathaway’s enthusiasm for surfing in the harsh conditions is inspiring. Especially to Graves after having his “mind erased” on his first icy duck dive. After a quick regrouping and channeling of Hathaway’s enthusiasm, Graves powers through the freezing surf for a trip neither he nor Hathaway will forget– no matter how severe those mind-erasing duck dives might be.

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