What are often perceived as “novelty waves” by the surf community at large are just “waves” for those who surf them regularly. One of the coolest parts of Dylan Graves’ “Weird Waves” series is that he seeks out the local knowledge of those ingrained in the fringe-surf communities he visits. When out West, Graves links up with Missoula, Montana, local K.B. Brown. Brown is part of a bustling surf scene in his town, shapes surfboards that appear to work like magic on the rapids and has a contagious froth for riding waves that transcends the 1,000 miles of land that lock him from the coast.

After KB shows Graves and Jett Schilling the river surfing ropes of his local spot, which includes dodging logs the size of telephone poles drifting through the lineup, they head to Pipeline–Pipeline, Idaho that is. Hit play on “Weird Waves” above to watch the first leg of Graves’ “Stream Tour” and stay tuned for part two next week.

The Pipeline, Idaho lineup.

(From left to right) Brown, Schilling and Graves score a party wave in Missoula, Montana.

Brown (right) breaks down the mechanics of Pipeline, Idaho for Graves (left).

Graves grabs a novelty board for the novelty wave.

Jett Schilling (left) splits the peak with a local.

Graves pulls into a Pipeline, ID bomb.

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