Brint II Jacket


When a drifter wanders into your town, steals your Yamaha XT 4-stroke and blows up the local police station: this is the jacket you will wish you owned. Brian Dennehy is not going up into those woods by himself to chase after Rambo who has already killed a wild boar for breakfast and is probably tucking his pants into his boots as we speak. With its sherpa collar and flannel lining, the 'Brint' will keep you plenty warm. So you can concentrate on more important things like how to open the case to the rocket launcher. Stay out of the woods and head back to the beach.

  • Mid-Weight
  • 98% Cotton / 2% Stretch Twill
  • Dark brown pigment wash
  • Sherpa collar with contrast flannel lining body and nylon lining at sleeves
  • Captain Fin trim details throughout.
  • Classic fit



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