Tyler Warren Pivot 10.5 (Wine)


Captain Fin Tyler Warren Pivot Wine 10.5


Template: Pivot. Classic pivot-style fin with a touch of rake for maneuverability.

Ideal Board: Longboard.

Construction: Fiberglass construction.

The Tyler Warren-designed Pivot 10.5 is based on classic pivot fins with a modern approach to construction and rake which blend together for quicker, more responsive turns while maintaining a timeless approach to logging.

Fin Specification Size
Area 52.22"
Height 10.5"
Base 8.56"
Foil 50/50


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
michael o. (Chino Hills, US)
I love this fin more than words can tell

I first knew this fin would be great while driving down to Sano listening to the Grateful Dead with the fin in my passenger seat looking over at it and smiling at it while Jerry plays unbelievable magic! That magic was soon being made on this perfect fin paired with my 9’6 I love how imaginable and creative this fin allows you to be on the wave it is a very unique and exciting experience like hearing the dead play at there very best! -Michael Okko😁💀

Hunter V. (Burbank, US)
Sick fin

Super sick fin

Matthew H.
Tyler Warren Pivot - Stable & Locked In

Sturdy fin with just the right amount of flex at the tip while still providing stability for locked in trimming and nosediving. Not quite as easy to lean over as the Alex Knost Sunshine - I used the Sunshine in slightly larger waves whereas the Warren has excelled a bit more in the smaller peelers so far.

Brian G.
Tyler Warren Pivot 10.5

Great fin, holds great even in bigger surf. Also great service from captain fin staff. AAA+

Giacomo D.
Little ding

Hi!! Thank you for the fin , looks amazing ! Can’t wait to try it !! But just want to let you know , there’s a tiny little ding on the top of the fin :( nothing crazy , don’t worry but maybe next time , for a worldwide order , protect the fin a little bit more !
Thank u !
Best regards

That's a bummer that your fin got damaged in shipping. Hit it with some sandpaper and it will clean up nicely. Shoot me an email and remind me of this next time you want to order something and I'll get you a discount code. derek@captainfin.com