Tyler Warren Twin + Trailer Especial Turquoise (Twin Tab)

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Tyler Warren Twin + Trailer Especial Turquoise (Twin Tab)

Template:Balanced—great for fast walls and responsive rail-to-rail twin carving.

Construction: Fiberglass

Flex: Stiff

Compatibility: FCS, FCS II Compatible (Screws Included) 

The Tyler Warren Twin is part of our Limited La Especial Collection. It is a multi-color solid fiberglass layup. Tyler designed this beauty for maximum down the line speed and smooth rail to rail surfing. He also added a trailer fin for stability and more drive. This will compliment any twin fin board.

Fin Specification Side Fins Center Fin
Area 21.31 9.17
Height 5.51 3.625
Base 5.2 3.75
Foil Flat 50/50


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gunnar D. (Oakland, US)

Great pair of fins! They are very fast and also have a cool aesthetic

colin f. (San Francisco, US)
smooth glide on the turns

nice hold - nice arc - love it - butter

Rich V. (Portland, US)
Sweet fins

I’ve had a chance to ride these a few times now with and without the trailer. They are large stiff fins that generate a ton of push. I love them front side. It took me a while to figure them out on my backhand though.

John M. (Princeville, US)
TW twin plus trailer

They ride and look sick. But more importantly I wanted to ride this psycho nitro JS I had as a 2fin plus trailer but the thing feels so sick without the trailer. Still lots of control without the trailer. Definitely super stable feeling with it in

Sam (San Diego, US)

Only used the fins once on 3-4' waves. I used it on Dominator 2 which I felt the board was not generating enough speed with thrusters, but this fins made a difference in speed. Also it had good hold as well. I am excited to try this fins on other boards to see how it goes.